More about Mesotherapy

This Facial Mesotherapy is the alternative to a surgical facelift, so without the trauma.
A vitamin infusion treatment delivers hydration just under the skin, into the epidermis, resulting in an immediate red carpet treatment and dermal hydration, whilst stimulating production of collagen and elastin from the small puncture wounds caused by the very fine needle.
This is a pain free procedure, also known as a non- surgical facelift! Further natural substances are specifically made up according to your skin problem, for the skin treatment you need.
The other micro-needling pens/dermaroller have downtime attached to them so you may need time out to recover from swelling bruises and similar, whereas this Mesotherapy is without this lasting trauma.
The skin produces oils which dead skin cells and other debris, stick too & cause clogging of the skins pores. The Glycolic mask used in mesotherapy, cleans this all away ,allowing the skin to breath & look more radiant. This treatment also improves absorption of applied skincare, enhancing your new improved look. A good skin care regime with our recommended products will then help maintain your refreshed skin.
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